Struthio camelus   Common Ostrich  Volstruis

Common Ostrich
Vista Vistas, Oct 2018

Ostriches are found today throughout the Waterberg (see map) but to what extent this reflects their ancestral distribution is uncertain as, being a species of open plains, much of the Waterberg is unsuitable for them. One Waterberg farm - Vogelstruisfontein KR69 - carries their name so they probably occurred here at least. The birds that have been widely introduced are not the indigenous southern African species (the Common Ostrich) but instead are hybrids – essentially poultry stock - derived from crossing two species, the Common Ostrich with the Somali Ostrich, bred originally at Oudtshoorn for feather quality and subsequently for meat and skins.
Common Ostrich
SwebeSwebe, Sep 2015

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